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Diary of a Veterinarian

This area should be seen as first hand accounts on issues I have faced over the years as well as common issues I have run into within Veterinary practices. It is meant to be informative, not conclusive of what can be going on with your loved animal. I must point out, every animal's issues are unique and should be approached accordingly. If you feel it is an emergency, then there is no replacement for a clinical evaluation with your Veterinarian. I suggest taking your animal in person to be evaluated. However, I am here anytime for you to schedule a consultation to help you determine possible causes, as well as additional treatment options through a second opinion. Enjoy!

  • Writer's pictureDr. Maggie Little

What are the most common reasons a dog will begin vomiting?

In emergency and day practice, Vets and Vet techs refer to something called “Signalment”. Signalment is the age, breed, and sex of the dog.

So, if an owner comes in to the ER and says there 6-year-old, intact (not spayed), female Pit-bull that was in heat two months ago, has been vomiting, not eating, and lethargic for two days, I would be looking at the possibility of a Pyometra where the uterus is filled with pus. This is a syndrome where the uterus becomes filled with pus after an intact female is in heat. This is a surgical emergency.

If an owner brings their 8-month-old, male, neutered Labrador in with a history of acutely vomiting and loves toys and the owner’s daughter’s Barbie dolls, I would be looking into the possibility of a Foreign Body Obstruction in the Gastrointestinal Tract. When objects are swallowed that should not be swallowed, this creates a blockage in the Gastrointestinal tract that results in pain and vomiting. I have surgically removed pieces of Barbie, Ken, fidget spinners, and many other toys from dogs and cats over the years!

If an owner comes in with a 7-year-old female, spayed Miniature Schnauzer with a history of acutely vomiting after sitting at the kids’ table on Thanksgiving, I am going to look at the possibility of their dog having Pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is inflammation of the Pancreas (short version). Miniature Schnauzers have a high incidence of Pancreatitis and eating rich, fatty meals can precipitate an episode of Pancreatitis that results in vomiting.

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