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Diary of a Veterinarian

This area should be seen as first hand accounts on issues I have faced over the years as well as common issues I have run into within Veterinary practices. It is meant to be informative, not conclusive of what can be going on with your loved animal. I must point out, every animal's issues are unique and should be approached accordingly. If you feel it is an emergency, then there is no replacement for a clinical evaluation with your Veterinarian. I suggest taking your animal in person to be evaluated. However, I am here anytime for you to schedule a consultation to help you determine possible causes, as well as additional treatment options through a second opinion. Enjoy!

  • Writer's pictureDr. Maggie Little

Acutely swollen face, swollen lips, and showing signs of pain…

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

This sweet patient was bitten by a Rattlesnake in California.

He presented at the ER on my shift with a history vacationing in the mountains with the family, acutely became swollen in the face after he seemed interested in something behind a tree.

If you look closely, you can see his cheeks are swollen and the lower lip is protruding on either side. Often times we will see the snake bite on the lips or near the muzzle.

We treated this with rattlesnake Antivenin (Antinvenom Immunoglobulins) which can bind with the venom and help to reduce some of the tissue damage. Supportive care included IV fluid therapy, pain control, and antibiotics. His face was almost normal size and he was wagging his tail instead of whining by the time he left the hospital.

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