Diary of a Veterinarian

This area should be seen as first hand accounts on issues I have faced over the years as well as common issues I have run into within Veterinary practices. It is meant to be informative, not conclusive of what can be going on with your loved animal. I must point out, every animal's issues are unique and should be approached accordingly. If you feel it is an emergency, then there is no replacement for a clinical evaluation with your Veterinarian. I suggest taking your animal in person to be evaluated. However, I am here anytime for you to schedule a consultation to help you determine possible causes, as well as additional treatment options through a second opinion. Enjoy!


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Important Information and Disclaimers: Talk With A Vet provides you with professional advice but does not replace a clinical veterinary consultation. In case of serious illness or injury, please consult your veterinarian. Consulting is for advice ONLY and NO Prescriptions will be provided in your consultation. Talk With A Vet provides advice within the United States Only.

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