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Have a conversation with a Vet

At Talk With A Vet, we understand how much you love your pet and have worked hard to keep your animals safe and healthy. We provide quality advice as well as second opinions for your loved furry partners. Our only goal is to make sure your pet is healthy and happy.

Basset Hound Check-Up

Wellness Consultations

Non-Emergency Phone or Email Consultations

We cover questions for cats and dogs ranging from diet, behavior, physical health, alternative medication questions, and more!

Golden Dog

Second Opinions

Email or Phone Consultation

If you recently visited your primary Veterinarian and have questions or would like a second look at tests, x-rays, or other possible diagnoses, this is the service for you!

Available Hours


Available 24/7 

Responses given within 24 hours


Available 24/7

Disclaimer: Talk With A Vet provides you with professional advice but does not replace a clinical veterinary consultation. In case of serious illness or injury, please consult your Veterinarian. Consulting is for advice ONLY and no Prescriptions will be provided in your consultation.

Meet The Doctor

Image of Dr Maggie Little

Margaret Little


Diary Of a Veterinarian

Animal Health Blog 

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Phone and Email Consulting Veterinary Experts

About Talk With A Vet

Talk With A Vet is a non-emergency Small Animal Veterinary service focused on all breeds of cats and dogs. We have been proudly treating your beloved pets for over 18 years. We simply adore our animal friends and understand the value a pet brings to life. That’s why we focus on providing you with top advice to keep your pet in optimal health. We will provide you with options that you can discuss with your primary Veterinarian, such as alternative treatments, alternative medications, and second opinions on possible diagnoses.

Let us answer your questions and help with the health concerns you have for your cherished furry friends. 

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